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About Sex Toys

Masturbation has been clinically proven to  lower stress and help you relax and sleep. Having an orgasm releases endorphins — feel good chemicals in your brain. Mutual masturbation (masturbating with a partner) is a really safe way to have sex and let the other person know what feels good to you. If this is your first time purchasing toys we suggest you start off with something small.  You can always buy up later :0).  We have a huge selection of masturbation products from Dildos, Anal Probes, Plugs, and Vibrators Whether you’re a novice or have a huge “Pleasure Chest" weave something for you.

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We offer discreet *free shipping on US orders $99+.  Your privacy is our number one concern.  We’ve eliminated the trinkets and trash from our site making your shopping experience more desirable.  (* Shipping fees may be applied to heavier items +10 lbs )

We like to keep our loyal customers “cumming" back for more with our monthly specials and new letters. Your feedback is important and without you, we can’t improve so please let us know if you have any suggestions or complaints.  We also have a Canadian site as well for those of you north of the border, you can visit us in Canada at

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Mission Statement

Humans are all different when it comes to sex, what they like and don’t like.  We encourage everyone to explore their unique personal pleasures and step out of their comfort zone to a world of passion and unique desires.

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